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The Purpose Of The Journal


Named after music composer, poet, and Founding Father, Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), The Hopkinson Journal for the Arts is an outlet for artists and academics to write essays about underrepresented ideas in the arts. In achieving this goal, we promote the values of truth, freedom, and tradition in every submission we publish--values which are all too commonly overlooked in many artistic communities. In publishing our magazine, we hope to foster a healthy and intellectually diverse artistic community open to heterodox ways of thinking.    


Visit our submissions page to learn more about our process for publishing authors.

Meet the editor

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My name is J. Edward Britton. I'm a music composer, essayist, and the editor of The Hopkinson Journal for the Arts. I've written about music, politics, and sociology at various outlets including Merion West, The Imaginative Conservative, Areo Magazine, & Culturico. I earned my B.M. Jazz Composition at Oberlin Conservatory of Music and am currently earning my M.M. Jazz Composition at New England Conservatory of Music where I'm expected to graduate Fall of 2023. I started The Hopkinson Journal to address a few questions: why do so many artists and academics discuss the same ideas over and over? Why are those who question or push back against these ideas rejected from mainstream journals and magazines? And where are all the traditional, religious, heterodox, and conservative artists? These questions led me to create The Hopkinson Journal for the Arts, a magazine where underrepresented topics are given a spotlight in the name of truth, freedom, and tradition. I am deeply grateful to all who support this mission!
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